CBD Oil vs Cancer

How CBD oil combats brain tumours, cancer and breast cancer
cbd oil for cancer

Cannabis CBD oil vs brain tumour

A documentary about Amelia Powers and her extraordinary experience of using cannabis to cure her brain tumour.

Before Amelia had Chemotherapy, she was told by doctors that, they can not save her life, but that this will prolong her life, and possibly give her another 18 months to live.

After six weeks of extensive horrendous radiation therapy, Amelia’s hair started to fall out, Amelia said “I think I’ve literally put my body through one of the most traumatic things you could possibly put your body through.


Within weeks of having the treatment, the tumour grew back, the doctors suggested that she goe through another six months of chemotherapy and radiation but Amelia turned them down, because seeing as it had failed her before, she didn’t see the point on putting her body through the trauma again, so she turned to Cannabis Oil.

Went to the USA for help

She sought help in America, where she found a man that she calls “the Wizard” because it was very spiritual with the plant, and she had stated that he had to give her the highest dosage of CBD oil that he has ever administered before. Amelia started her treatment with cannabis oil and started to feel better almost immediately.


By December of that year when she should have been dead, she got the best news of her life. She has had an  MRI and newsflash cannabis kills cancer. She cured her cancer with cannabis! At that point, she was told that she was the only patient in the history that they knew of an astrocytoma that had gone away and successfully shrunk this incurable tumour.

Cannabis CBD oil vs stage IV breast cancer

I am a 46-year-old mother which is why (even though I am legal) I do not show my face…I do not want my kids to be hassled at school. I am triple positive. My ratio is 1:1 (THC & CBD – THC kills cancer cells & CBD heals) … 1ml / day of full extract to start off. I am now on a large maintenance dose (4-5 daytime pills =.08g + .20 pre-bedtime pill + .30 bedtime pill) I mix the cannabis oil with coconut oil 50/50 so my measurements are double. Coconut oil acts as a carrier.


Nov 1st 2016: I have stopped the suppositories and am on ALL oral for the oil. April 1st 2017: I have lowered my maintenance dose again, 3 day time pills at .05g (9 am, noon and 3 pm), a pre-bedtime pill (7 pm) at .2g and a bedtime pill I take just as I am going to bed of .3g for a total of 5 pills/day. This is very comfortable for me, I do not feel high until the pre-bedtime pill and then it’s like a glass of wine just taking the edge off. I most likely will NOT go any lower in my dose.

March 2018: CT Scan, gastroscopy & a small bowel follow thru were all CLEAN! I have lowered the high maintenance dose a bit…now I am on 3 day time .05g pills and a pre-bedtime and bedtime pill of .2g each. (the bedtime pill lowered a bit)

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