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Hempura CBD review

HemPura offers a variety of CBD products, allowing you to tailor how you want to administer your CBD and is just the site you need to ensure you get high-quality CBD and a dose of knowledge as well.

Firstly, you have the more traditional straight CBD Oil; this is the strait-laced, put-under-your-tongue variety, allowing you to take your CBD with little to no hassle.

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First experiences

Each of the oils has between 0.01% and 0.05% of THC, ensuring that they pass the European Union – and indeed the far stricter United Kingdom – regulations of less than 0.05% THC, demonstrating that HemPura understands the importance of staying within the bounds of the law.

However, if you don’t want to stick to the traditional methods of CBD application, HemPura has other options available:

For a straight dose delivered through a capsule, you can buy thirty 10 mg capsules of straight CBD, containing absolutely no THC. This is ideal for those that want to avoid the possibility of the “distinct taste” of CBD oil on the tongue. It’s also a lot easier to take on the go!

Hempura CBD product highlights

By far one of the best features of HemPura.co.uk is that it comes with a Knowledge Centre, allowing you to educate yourself on a variety of questions you likely have about CBD.

Contrary to what you might initially think, the Knowledge Centre isn’t just about HemPura’s own products or for a further dose of advertising, but actually real, scientifically backed articles about the mechanics and benefits of CBD.

From discovering how the endocannabinoid system works to figuring out your correct dosage of CBD, HemPura clearly wants to do more than just sell CBD.

They want to educate people as to their correct usage. They even explore the legality of CBD Oil in the UK and the best methods of purchase, meaning it’s all about making sure people know what they’re doing.

This elevates HemPura from a simple commercial CBD website to a CBD knowledge hub, working at the forefront of the CBD world to ensure people know what they’re doing.

Hempura products

Potential benefits of Hempura CBD products

HemPura sells their products themselves, allowing you purchase their myriad of CBD-infused products and ship them straight to your door; they offer extremely quick UK delivery, with a guarantee of same day shipping if ordered by 16:00, and it will be delivered – for free – within 2-3 working days. Alongside that, they also have a next day delivery for those eager to get their CBD products as soon as possible!

The only issue is that it doesn’t appear that HemPura products are in distribution anywhere else other than the official hemp website. Not everyone wants to have their CBD products shipped to their doorstep, either due to an issue of convenience or a desire to keep it private, so it would be ideal to also have the option to purchase it in a retail store or from another distributor.

Hempura review: Final thoughts

HemPura is one website and one range of products among a rising sea of CBD businesses in the marketplace. To excel, a company needs to demonstrate excellent product quality, customer support and fast delivery.

Thankfully, HemPura offers all these things; they offer a wide range of different strength products, excellent shipping and fantastic customer communications. Plus, they also possess that one quality and aspect that many other sites lack – the Knowledge Centre.

They are not just interested in making sales, they want you to learn how to best treat yourself and keep yourself healthy.

It’s rare and refreshing to find a company that actually cares about its customers to such an extent, so much so that it feels the joy to grow through HemPura’s website and peruse their products.

Generally speaking, a CBD distributor can only do so much to educate people – it can provide facts and figures, details and instructions, but it’s ultimately up to the individual to ensure they understand everything there is to know about CBD.

Considering that small effect that HemPura can have, they do a fantastic job at instilling confidence in the user and making their products seem useable, simple and above all safe.

HemPura wants you to feel safe because it wants you to be happy – happy and knowledgeable.

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Hempura Brand Rating
  • (4.3)
    Customer Service
  • (4.5)
  • (4.6)
    Product Quality
  • (4.5)


The fact that HemPura is dedicated to educating its customer base about the correct use of CBD, its dosage and how it works, means that HemPura wishes to place itself as your guide into the world of CBD.



  • Good quality products
  • Great customer service
  • Knowledgebase
  • Good pricing


  • None

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  • Thomas Kiljoy22/05/2019 at 18:04

    Thank you for the review. Very informative and has helped me select some products.

  • Eden Baum22/05/2019 at 18:05

    Nice review guys…. helped a lot.

  • Charles V Drake22/05/2019 at 18:07

    If you could analyse some of Hempura’s products more in depth that would be handy.

    • CBD Oil Biological22/05/2019 at 18:09

      Hi Charles, yes we are waiting on a shipment from Hempura and will update this page with a full list of what they send plus reviewing them all. Thank you for commenting.


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