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We’ve been hearing a lot about CBD oil so I thought id give it a go! At first, I was quite sceptical but once I did my research on it, I realised that actually, it’s very safe to take. People assume that it’s going to give you a high! That’s not the case. CBD oil, in fact, is extracted from help and is perfectly legal. It has no psychoactive effects. The ‘high’ comes from the chemical THC which is not found in CBD.

After reading about the many benefits it has on arthritis, Crohn’s, anxiety, depression, cancer, stress, IBS, asthma, rheumatism and many more I decided to give it a go! By taking health very seriously, they ensure that all their products are organic and natural. They don’t use any preservative, flavours, chemicals or alcohol in any of their CBD oil products.

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First experiences

After taking the CBD oil for 6 weeks, it is advised to take 4-5 drops in the morning and at night. Well, let’s just say when you first open the bottle the smell of the oil hits you. It’s not pleasant, but once you get over that, which you will have to if you want to try, it’s not too bad. I started off by having 3-4 drops so I get used to the taste/smell. You place the drops under your tongue and wait for a minute before swallowing it down. After about 30 seconds the taste is gone.

Does this CBD oil work? Well for the first week I wasn’t sure it was making any difference at all but I have to say after 2 weeks yes, it works and it makes you feel a lot calmer.

CBD Armour product highlights

CBD Armour comes in a number of products hair oil, oral oil and balm. Each product contains Cannabidiol which is a chemical with comes from hemp seed also known as cannabis oil. This chemical has been medically proven to help the human body in many ways from helping anxiety, stress and depression, helps to elevate pain linked with arthritis, helps to fight cancer and many other things. The balm helps with dry skin and many other skin complaints.

Potential benefits of CBD Armour products

CBD Armour’s main aim is to help people’s daily issues/ problems that they may have in life. Whilst trying to help people with some major health problems, including Cancer, Anxiety, Parkinson’s and Panic Attacks, they try to push everyday well-being with their ever-growing product range.

The company is starting to get known for its high-quality products and we see only good things for CBD Armour in the future.

CBD Armour review: Final thoughts

A newish company with a bright future once their product range is increased. High-quality CBD is used with no added ingredients ensures this CBD brand confirms its place at an already crowded table.

CBD Armour – 10% Off

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