Which is best for what?

When it comes to taking CBD the first thing you have to consider is for what you want to use it for. If you just want to use CBD for general well-being then it doesn’t matter if you use capsules or oils.

Different products are processed by the body in different ways and all revolve around the bioavailability, which is the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream system, so the difference between oil and capsules is how your body absorbs them.

The bioavailability of CBD varies based on the consumption method and concentration of CBD in the product.

CBD capsules

The production of CBD capsules is very similar to the oils, they are extracted from hemp plants and then suspended in a gel capsule. The consumption method is like taking any other normal pill, just swallow it with a glass of water.
CBD capsules are not absorbed easily if not taken with food. Like any other food supplement or vitamin, even the CBD capsules are easy to absorb if taken with food for a slow-release CBD. A simple example is if you take a CBD capsule just with water and no food, it can be flashed straight away because your body can excrete water quickly, so the CBD with it.

Capsules Pros

  • Accurate dosage: Each dose is already measured so you know exactly how much CBD you’re taking
  • Ideal for travelling: Capsules are easy to carry around with discretion too
  • Taste: As some people can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, the capsules have a taste-free option

Capsules Cons

  • Availability: They are not as available like the oils
  • Bioavailability: It takes a long time for the CBD to absorb due to the digestion process
  • Interaction with other drugs: CBD pills can interfere with your liver’s ability to process other medications

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CBD oils

CBD oil is probably the most popular way to consume CBD, extracted from the hemp plants and suspended in an inert oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil with the result of oil full of cannabinoids. CBD bottles come with a dropper to gather some drops and place them under the tongue where the CBD will enter the mucous membrane to go into the bloodstream.

The sublingual method is unusual and some people prefer it than the capsules because is the quickest way for it to be absorbed as it doesn’t go through any digestive process, so the bioavailability of sublingual administration is higher than the capsules methods.

CBD Oil Pros

  • Strenght variety: The variety in strengths available in the market is very impressive and there is a CBD il available for everyone
  • Custom serving: With the dropper, you can adjust the quantity to take as your needs
  • Higher availability: This means the absorbing process is quicker with the sublingual method

CBD Oil Cons

  • Taste: tastes of CBD oils for some users is not pleasant and it can be hard to take on a daily basis
  • Carrying a bottle: There is a chance the bottle may leak in your bag and sometimes is risky and inconvenient
  • Discreetion: Having to take out the bottle in public and drop oil under your tongue can be pretty conspicuous


CBD capsules and CBD oils come around with the same price.
CBD oil is more indicated for a fast-acting option if you don’t mind the taste of it.
If you’re concerned about subtlety and convenience, then CBD capsules might be your best option

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