Difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD

There are 2 types of CBD oils in the market: Full spectrum and Broad spectrum

When approaching CBD it is important to know the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum, be aware of which compounds the cbd contains and what they do.

full spectrum and broad spectrum cbd oil

Full spectrum CBD oil

The full spectrum cbd oil is a raw extraction process and is less refined, it contains all compounds found in the hemp plants including traces of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBDa.

It is important to know that when using the full spectrum CBD oil in some circumstances depending on the dosage taken it could have a small chance to fail a urine drug test, same with a normal blood test, but they will result to be just traces of THC anyway, so it is advisable for those who get checked for their jobs to show the legal product to the main heads.

The full spectrum CBD oils are darker and have a bitter taste derivative from its natural Terpenes, they have more health benefits than the broad spectrum ones.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil

These oils are more refined than the full spectrum ones and they contain not as many cannabinoids, the refinements are done to eliminate traces of THC which is the psychoactive substance. The broad spectrum CBD oil is more indicated for those who are drug tested regularly.

To remove the THC present in the oil the usual way to extract it is a form of complex distillation that removes all the unwanted compounds.

This sort of refinement can also remove cannabinoids and terpenes which are the best beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plants.

The colour of the broad spectrum oils are more golden and with a better taste than the full spectrum ones, it contains no traces of THC but it has fewer health benefits due to the refinement process.