HemPura CBD as a brand offers a lot of different CBD products and their website offers a ton of CBD information too.

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Hempura oils

Hempura offers cbd oils that have between 0.01% and 0.05% THC which is legal in the EU and the UK. Hempura offer oils, capsules, suppositories, edibles and more.

CBD knowledge

HemPura gives you access to a free CBD Knowledgebase for you to stay updated about CBD, THC and the law regarding CBD. We feel this a real plus for a CBD brand to ensure people know information easily.

Potential benefits of Hempura CBD products

HemPura offers fast UK delivery with a guarantee of next day shipping if ordered by 16:00, and free delivery within 3 working days.

Company overview

HemPura is a company apart from most CBD businesses in the UK. They have excellent quality CBD oils and are refining their products very well indeed. Therefore combined with the knowledgebase, Hempura is a solid 4.7 out of 5.

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Hempura – 5% Off

5% discount with this promo code cbdoilbio



  1. Thomas Kiljoy says:

    Thank you for the review. Very informative and has helped me select some products.

  2. Eden Baum says:

    Nice review guys…. helped a lot.

  3. Charles V Drake says:

    If you could analyse some of Hempura’s products more in depth that would be handy.

    1. Hi Charles, yes we are waiting on a shipment from Hempura and will update this page with a full list of what they send plus reviewing them all. Thank you for commenting.

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