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  • amma-life-cbd-paste-300mg

    Amma Life CBD Paste 300mg


    The 30% CBD paste has been purified twice using the premium extraction method to give it its distinct flavour and potency. The multiple purification process helps to further remove waxes and plant materials to leave a more purified finish of deluxe 30% CBD paste.

  • endoca-raw-hemp-oil-extract-200mg

    Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Extract 200mg


    The optimum levels of cannabinoids, cofactors, micronutrients, terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids in our high strength extract help to better manage life’s stresses; regulate sleep, appetite, mood, and boost the endocannabinoid system.

  • endoca-raw-hemp-oil-extract-300mg

    Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Extract 300mg


    Endoca 3000mg raw formula is a smoothest and strongest organic CBD oil extract. Unfiltered, it maintains all-natural waxes and chlorophylls. This CBD+CBDa formula retains all of the 400 molecules naturally occurring in the hemp plant.

  • hemp paste extract 5g

    Hemp Oral Syringe 5g


    Whole Plant Hemp Extract – 17% CBD+CBDa

    This is the wonderful CBD rich hemp paste which is CO2 extracted from organically grown hemp in the EU. This is the most concentrated form of CBD-rich hemp paste we supply. This is perfect for those who wish to ingest high quantities of CBD and the other compounds found in our oil. It is because we use the whole plant with a full range of healing compounds that our products work much better than isolated CBD alone. See below for more information.