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Amma Life CBD Paste 300mg


The 30% CBD paste has been purified twice using the premium extraction method to give it its distinct flavour and potency. The multiple purification process helps to further remove waxes and plant materials to leave a more purified finish of deluxe 30% CBD paste.



30% Purified Cannabidiol CBD Paste

  • Whole Plant Extract
  • Premium extraction, purified twice to increase the potency of the CBD paste.
  • Whole plant extract enriched with terpenes and terpenoids for maximum potency.
  • High quality, legal CBD hemp is grown organically and outdoors in the EU without the use of pesticides.
  • Non-GMO, 100% natural
  • Suitable for vegans

Available in 4 sizes: 1g sample (300mg CBD), 3g (900mg CBD), 8g (2400mg) & 10g (3000mg)

The classic syringe is versatile and can be used if you want to add the paste to something or create your own home-made suppositories/ capsules. You can also see how much paste is left in your container.

Ingredients: Purified whole plant extract CBD paste, CBDa, CBG, terpenes & terpenoids. 0.1% THC content. This is a high-grade food supplement.

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