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  • amma life cbd mint tea

    Amma Life CBD Mint Tea


    The finest cannabis sativa and peppermint leaves are carefully chosen to go into every box of CBD & Mint tea. The leaves are grown by specialist farmers in Europe.

  • amma life cbd tea

    Amma Life CBD Tea


    Introducing the most relaxing cup of tea in the world! The cannabis sativa herbs are carefully selected to create this superior tea with a delicate floral flavour.

  • cbd infused water

    CBD Infused Water 500ml

    With a crisp pure flavour CBD Living Water is not just another bottled water. CBD is one of natures best anti-inflammatorys. Our CBD Living Water also contains CoQ10 that helps support a healthy heart & energy production in cells. CoQ10 aids muscle recovery, boost energy & protects cells & tissue from cell damaging free radicals in the body.